Welcome to
  Aunty Sue's Day Care 

 And out of school clubs

Our Ethos

Is to create a warm and friendly home from home environment, as

children have in their own home

We do not propose to be a standard run of the mill nursery noting 

our statement 

A nursery with a difference


YES, we do have television on from time to time, showing

educational programmes such as CBB'S etc

We provide milk and water but YES we will give juice if this is

parents wishes 

YES, we do sit on the sofa's with children and read them a story or

give them a cuddle when needed, all children need a cuddle

YES we do allow our staff to wear a certain amount of jewellery and 


do parents at home not wear jewellery or scarfs?

NO we do not put paperwork in front of children needs, 

children come first at all times

we see all children as the most precious gift you will ever have, therefore

 their care is paramount 

YES we do messy play and children get dirty but this is all part of

learning and developing, but most of all


having fun.